Tim Scott Endorses Donald Trump, Nuking Nikki in NH


Tim Scott’s endorsement is HUGE. It ends Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley’s campaigns in South Carolina if it doesn’t finish them off in New Hampshire.  Trump also has Sen. Lindsey Graham’s endorsement.

Nikki Haley appointed Tim Scott originally, about twelve years ago, but he prefers Donald Trump. We don’t care about the reason, but he decided to do it ignoring the fact that some will think he’s a traitor. This should kill Nikki in New Hampshire.

She won’t take it well. Watch how rude she is.

Sen. Tim Scott gave a very enthusiastic endorsement of Donald Trump, and the Left hated it. They’re out bashing it.

CNN immediately put Adam Kinzinger on and you can watch a brief moment of him talking about our souls below.

Crying, Kinzinger

Adam Kinzinger wants us to save our souls, and especially that of Tim Scott’s.

Kinzinger also said during the interview that Trump is afraid of his own shadow [even as Trump keeps going despite facing 200 years in prison over politically-motivated charges. Trump also doesn’t cry].

New Hampshire lines up in frigid temperatures to see Donald Trump.

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