Dems Don’t Like Mitch McConnell’s Senate Rules, Read Them Here


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell released the Senate rules for impeachment on Monday, much to the disappointment of the Democrats.

For one thing, the President’s lawyers will be able to make a motion to dismiss at the outset. It’s called a “kill switch.” That’s great, but the Republicans don’t have the votes for dismissal. My favorite part comes next.


Adam Schiff held testimony behind closed doors and Mitch McConnell will now do the same thing. Any witnesses will be deposed before being allowed to testify. Democrats will not like this.

This section of the rules covers it: “If the Senate agrees to allow either the House of Representatives or the President to subpoena witnesses, the witnesses shall first be deposed and the Senate shall decide after deposition which witnesses shall testify, pursuant to the impeachment rules.”

He should use Adam Schiff’s SCIF room.

Democrats hate this!


Reporters are being confined to small cordoned-off sections in areas where unrestricted access was typically standard. They are being prevented from walking with senators to continue conversations — even when the senator involved is willingly participating.

Reporters also now may not approach senators for interviews in the halls surrounding the Senate chamber.

Taken together, the new rules effectively prevent members of the press from reaching many senators,” NPR reports.

Democrats and reporters hate that.

There are no electronics in the room and they won’t be allowed to speak. Of course, they will take bathroom breaks.


The proposed impeachment trial rules give House impeachment managers and the President’s legal team 24 hours each to make their opening arguments over two days.

Democrats don’t like that.

After House Democrats refused to allow Republicans and the President any rights, the Senate Democrats are now angry since they want the right to negotiate.

Will Chamberlain from Human Events explains what’s in the rules:

“Senator Chuck Schumer, the Democratic leader, accused the majority leader, Senator Mitch McConnell, of keeping the chamber in the dark about his proposed rules and planning to conduct a rushed impeachment trial,” the NY Times reported.

We certainly hope so.


Senate Rules for Impeachment by Johannah Winter on Scribd

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3 years ago

The shampeachment continues today in the Senate. The commies are going absolutely batsh*t crazy over the rules drawn up by Mitch. Which sorta mirror the rules the house commies used for their proceedings.
We the People, the taxpayers, are being treated to a total revelation of who the leftists in our government truly are, and what they really care about, themselves and their ideology of total power over all ctizens.
Its really that simple. This is all about power and nothing else. Those who cannot see that, or refuse to see, are truly blinded by severe TDS. KAG2020.
Just sayin’.

3 years ago

I’m loving it. I’m waiting for some media outlet to file suit on the restriction of the press. It’s somewhat like the reporters who lost access and filed suit. Trump, fine then, we won’t have any more.

One thing about having a President Trump is it has forced the weak-kneed Republicans to ‘stand up and be counted’. For far too long all they could do is whine about being treated unfairly. It was sickening, and humiliating to see and hear. The bad part is, you still see it from McCarthy. Too many Republican leaders will NOT push back on the press when THEY are out of line. Racism anyone. Do as Sen. Reid did with Romney about his taxes. “Every” time a reporter asks a confrontational question put it to them to do the same with some Democrat. But the reporters Know they are weak and they seek conflict. It seems those reporters view it more of a sport than anything else. So play ball.

Anthony Alfaro
Anthony Alfaro
3 years ago

I can picture President Trump jumping up and down with glee as he gets ready to write up his list of witnesses. Starting with the “Whistle Blower”, Schiff the lying sh_t. president of the Ukraine, Hunter Biden should make for interesting viewing. Then watch the viewership numbers go skyrocketing.