CNN says Sen Sinema won’t answer Biden’s phone calls


Joe Biden can’t get his communist agenda through with his $3.5 trillion bill in a 50-50 Senate. West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin and Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema are making it impossible so far.

And now there are reports that Sinema has gone so far as to ignore Biden’s phone calls, CNN reported.

Neither Manchin nor Sinema addressed their caucus during a lunch meeting Thursday where they talked about their plans to move the Biden agenda.

Democrats say that’s become commonplace.

“Off the charts,” one Democratic senator told CNN on Thursday when asked about the caucus’ frustration with Manchin, contending many senators privately gripe that the West Virginia Democrat takes his public stands for “publicity” reasons.

Actually, Manchin said he doesn’t want the United States to become an entitlement nation.

Biden is frustrated with both Manchin and Sinema, according to Democratic lawmakers who have spoken to him. The President told progressives this week that he has spent many hours with the two senators “and they don’t move,” two sources said. Biden even contended that Sinema didn’t always return calls from the White House, the sources added.

Communist Bernie, who authored the bill with his comrades is angry. He is so close to what he has wanted for decades

“Two people do not have the right to sabotage what 48 want and what the President of the United States wants,” said the hardcore leftist Senator with his Common Core math. He can’t seem to add 50 Republicans.

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Fizzy Lifting Drinks
Fizzy Lifting Drinks
2 years ago

She is smart as a whip (wayciss!) and certainly not a silver spoon having lived in a gas station and surviving with the help of church charities.
Manchin and Sinema must hear the intel reports on the ground back at home base as the natives of all stripes and colors are getting restless during the Great Reset Leap Forward.
Jo Jo Magoo is a toxic brand and only the CPUSA could find someone more unlikeable than Hillary in the cackling Kamal hyena.