TN Council Wants Legal Status for Illegal Alien Foster Children


According to The Daily Wire, the Tennessee government council asked the state legislature to give illegal immigrant foster children taxpayer-funded college tuition payments, vehicle repairs, and legal representation.

Upon reaching the age of 18, they want the illegal immigrants to become legal, like Dreamers, automatically. This would lure more parents into sending their children to the US alone.

Migrant children are handed over to unvetted adults who act as foster parents. Some traffic them. HHS lost track of 85,000 of them.

There are reports of extensive problems and shortages of funds in the Tennessee foster care system. The added expense could send them into bankruptcy, and it takes away from American children.

According to The Daily Wire, The Tennessee Youth Transitions Advisory Council, created by the legislature to help the state with foster care, called in its annual report for the Tennessee General Assembly to consider giving legal status to illegal immigrant children so that they could be qualified for extended foster care services.

It’s unaffordable.

It would mean illegal immigrants 18 or older would be given access to taxpayer-funded legal, educational, and health benefits. This is currently only available to state citizens.

According to the report by The Daily Wire, those services that would become available could include financial assistance for health care, tutoring, educational fees, driver’s testing fees, car insurance, car repairs, household furnishings, housing-related fees, and even child care assistance.

Services of Citizens

They don’t even have enough beds for American foster care children. The Council wants the children here illegally to have lawyers, automatic legalization at 18, access to grants for higher education, and all the benefits of citizens.

Tennessee taxpayers would potentially have to foot the bill for an illegal immigrant’s defense lawyers. So, if the illegal committed a crime like rape or murder between the ages of 18 and 24, we’d get to pay for his/her lawyer, Daily Wire reports.

This is incremental. Democrats want it in every state. Federal taxpayers fund much of this for states. This depletes the services we can give to American children.

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