TN Insurrectionists Expelled, Barack Obama Starts More Trouble


Three Democrats led an insurrection in the Tennessee capitol ten days after a radicalized trans person killed six Christians. Two of the three troublemakers were expelled for breaking House rules. One brought in a bullhorn. They acted like children. The white lawmaker wasn’t removed, but two black lawmakers were ousted. The white woman was not expelled over one vote in her favor. She had one more Democrat friend. As a result, the lawmakers and their followers are screaming RAAACISM.

They’re doing it to start trouble.

“After hours of fiery debate, the House expelled Reps. Justin Jones, D-Nashville, on a 72-25 vote, and Rep. Justin Pearson, D-Memphis, by 69-26, in a move that put the nation’s eyes on Tennessee and its politics”, The Tennessean reports.

The effort to expel Johnson failed on a 65-30 vote, as “Gloria! Gloria!” chants rang out in the House chamber.


The troublemakers will run in the special election and likely win.

After every white person was labeled a “white supremacist” for years, many no longer care about their sit-ins and alleged victimhood. We have polls showing blacks are more racist than whites. Yet, Democrats claim the opposite is true. Maybe radical Democrats are trying to start a race war – don’t let them. Seek peace with people, and remember our Constitution – equality, not equity, and no racism by anyone.

Democrats prey on vulnerable black people and use them to push their agenda.

People should stop screaming and acting like bullies and calling it a protest. Democrats started it and do it continuously.

Barack Obama stuck his nose in it. He supports Democrat insurrectionists. He believes in unequal justice under the law. Barack Obama has done incredible damage to this country. He’s a racist Marxist, and most of his former staff are employed by Joe Biden, guiding him.

Mr. Jones thinks Rep. Kumar is a white supremacist. This is to stir the pot and start more trouble. He deserved to be expelled, no matter the color of his skin.

This person, Mr. Jones, brought in a bullhorn to silence the opposition and create a scene.

Jones is a criminal and a troublemaker as are the other two. Jones led the insurrection in the Tennessee capitol last week.


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