Pope Francis Teems with Disney for a Docu-Drama


Pope Francis has teamed up with the radical Disney corporation for a docu-drama. In it, he endorses using dating apps like Tinder, and also claims the true Church is on the peripheries.” Does that mean the rest of us are not the true church?

The 83-minute Spanish-language docu=drama “The Pope Answers” features Pope Francis answering questions for ten young people. It was released on Disney+ streaming.

Disney is the company that promotes child indoctrination into destructive lifestyles, teaching them you can change genders.

During the docu-drama, the Pope answers questions on immigration, gender, inclusion, abuse, sex, bullying and abortion.

Pope Francis appears to have zero respect for borders.

“The conversation then turns to the global issue of migration, and the Pope takes the opportunity to denounce both the exploitation of people in the countries of origin and the lack of charity of those who do not welcome them. “This happens today; it happens at the borders of Europe, and sometimes with the complicity of some authorities who send them back. There are countries in Europe – I don’t want to name them so as not to create a diplomatic incident – that have small towns or villages that are almost empty, countries where there are only twenty old people and unfarmed fields. And these countries, which are experiencing a demographic winter, do not even welcome migrants,” the Pope said.

According to the Holy Father, behind all this is a type of colonialistic social conscience that favors exploitation and a culture of slavery, concealed by migration policies that do not seek to welcome, accompany, advocate, or even integrate migrants.”

He seems to think massive illegal immigration is a good idea. Pope Francis doesn’t differentiate illegal immigration from legal immigration. Many, if not most people coming through our borders don’t need to come here.

Most of what he said is what you would expect from a religious leader, but why would he help out an evil company like Disney that has such a corrupting influence on children and our culture? It isn’t very reassuring.

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