FedNow, A Path to the New Financial World Order?


FedNow and how we get to CBDCs, the government’s path to absolute control of the common man and his money. CBDCs will allow the government to control what you spend your money on. It will end privacy. 

First, please write to your Senators and tell them “NO!” to The Restrict Act, aka Patriot Act II. Under the guise of eliminating TikTok, the act will give the president and commerce department access to all the data on our devices, including Ring and home security apps…and it’ll be a crime to use a privacy device. If you use a VPN, you could get 20 years in prison and a million-dollar fine on the say-so of the Secretary of Commerce.

All Internet users would lose their right to privacy. The government could freely, and without your permission, review, prosecute, and take possession of your personal information. They can ban any game, application, or anything.

It’s a Maoist-style approach. They could just ban TikTok, but they want power and control.


We are on the precipice of a new financial world order.  They will tell you it’s an emergency. It won’t benefit the common man. They’re out for themselves. There is a new system coming called FedNow. It looks like the beginning of the New Financial World Order.

A new poll shows Americans care about money but don’t care about American values. Our enemies are working to de-dollarize the US. The Chinese yuan is taking over. The petrodollar which gave us wealth is being replaced, and we will become poor. No one will invest in the dollar, and we won’t be able to print money. We will be left with $32 trillion in debt, or will it be $50 trillion?

Janet Yellen is calling for $50 trillion in debt. That indicates our financial system is unstable. Moodys says the turmoil of the financial system might not be contained.

As the Feds raise interest rates to reel money in to fight inflation, they are printing money to keep the banks afloat. The little guy suffers in this model. The FEDS are running the printing presses, printing another $400 billion in three weeks to shore up the banks. They have never done this before and don’t know how it will turn out.


The banks see control as the only way out. A new program called FedNow might be the path to the CBDC, giving them what they want – control of our money. It’s the camel’s nose under the tent. We wil explain further down.


Currently, the Feds and banks are piloting  Central Bank Digital Currency or CBDC. It’s the ultimate control. They can control all of society.

They call it a pilot program, but it is likely the program to lead us into Digital Currency and Digital ID. Both will put us under the control of Banks. They will know what you purchase, for starters. If you buy a gun, they could cut you off. They’ve done that in the past. What happens if they think you’re buying too many products that exceed their allotted carbon emissions?

Christine Lagarde, the keeper of the Euro, admitted CBDC is about power and control.

During a prank call, the ECB Chief Christine Lagarde, who is in charge of the Euro, admits CBDC is all about power and control.

The Alexis Show pranked ECB Chief Christine Lagarde. She thought she was talking with Ukraine’s President Zelensky. The woman in charge of the Euro was easily tricked. She also made a stunning admission. Lagarde said the digital EU system would be used as a control mechanism. It’s “all about power and control of the EU citizens.”


In three months, FedNow is coming as banks struggle and cryptocurrency is to be regulated out of existence. FedNow will kill the cryptocurrency market. What is FedNow? It’s the central banks’ instant payment plan.

It’s the RTP (Real-Time Payments) Network.

For CBDCs to work, the free cryptocurrency market must be eliminated. Biden is doing that now with unsustainable regulations.

CBDCs work by using a digital ID with a biometric ID, but FedNow doesn’t explain that in their videos. DHS said biometric will happen, and it will be the only way to get on a plane.
At the same time, the IMF wants us to follow India’s model, which will use Digital ID and end up with CBDCs.

Go to 28:04 if you are short or 16:00 if you can spare the time. Glenn Beck explains his theory of how we will end up in CBDCs by 2024. From FedNow to CBDC:

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