To Wall or Not to Wall! Trump Negotiates with Swamp for a “Clean DACA Bill”, a “Bill of Love”


Update: Trump has clarified that any deal must include the wall, but did say how big and long a wall.

We live in dangerous times, but we shouldn’t lose faith. While there are significant concerns about some things the President said about immigration that worry his supporters, it is similar to what he has done in the past – he’s negotiating. He appeared yesterday to be leaning towards Democrats on the illegal immigration issue, but he pulled back. It’s unclear where he will end up.

We must keep in mind that DACA are unlike other illegal immigrants.

The good news is the only bill he talked about was a good one suggested by Rep. Goodlatte, Chair of Judiciary in the House. It includes much of what Trump’s supporters want. It would give a legal work permit to DACA but would also include an end to chain migration, the lottery, mandate e-verify.

That being said, this group could come up with a bad bill and the President said he is willing to sign whatever they send up.

President Trump’s televised bipartisan meeting was brilliant in one respect: Democrats had to openly state what they want on the record. On the positive side, everyone has agreed to sit down and hammer out a deal. On the negative side, it is not clear that a deal includes a wall or just a token extension and some repairs. Also unclear is the fate of chain migration, the lottery, and e-verify.

Trump also said he wants a comprehensive immigration deal and, in an effort to get a bipartisan deal, he said, “I’ll take the heat off both the Democrats and the Republicans”.

Alarm bells are ringing. What kind of heat are we talking about?

The last comprehensive immigration deal was roundly rejected by Republican voters and did little to stop illegal immigration. It did enshrine a loose immigration system into law and a pathway to citizenship for the eleven million or tens of millions in the country illegally, whichever number you choose to believe.

The number here illegally is amorphous and vague because there is no good method for determining that.

On Tuesday, the President agreed at first to a “clean DACA bill” with a new bill on border security to be discussed the next day.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) jumped in to remind him of the need to win border-security measures in exchange for DACA.

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders cleared up some confusion by explaining that a “clean DACA bill” to the President means they will look for border security as well as an end to chain migration and the diversity visa lottery in the DACA bill. “Everyone at today’s bipartisan meeting at the White House agreed to focus on those security measures,” she added, according to Axios.

The word “wall” is not in that clarified statement and Democrats have said they will not agree to a wall. There is a reason for that. A wall would keep more people out.

On the other hand, Trump knows the wall is non-negotiable for his supporters.

President Trump also tweeted after the meeting.

That is either clarification or confusion, depending on how well you listened to the 54 minutes of televised discussion.

The concern for some is that Jeb Bush, the amnesty Republican, is “encouraged”.

The president told the lawmakers he wants a “bill of love” to address border security and young immigrants while reiterating his desire for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, according to The Hill. That sounded like Jeb Bush who couldn’t pull in 5% of the vote to become the Republican nominee for President in 2016.

Trump also indicated he would sign anything.

“When this group comes back with an agreement … I’m signing it,” he said. “I mean, I will be signing it. I’m not going to say ‘oh gee, I want this or I want that.’ I’ll be signing it.”

President Trump does not live by any ideology which is why he could literally fall into the arms of the Democrats under Chuckie Schumer and Nancy Pelosi who promote mostly open borders policies.

Also problematic is the fact that no one in D.C. wants to shut down the borders and deport anyone.

Tucker Carlson on his show last night asked why Trump bothered running for president.

“Congress is full of people from both parties who believe that the point of our immigration policy is to provide cheap labor to their donors and to atone for America’s imaginary sins against the world. They couldn’t care less about immigration’s effect on you or your family–these are the same people the president now says he trusts to write the immigration bill, the one he will sign no matter what it says. So what was the point of running for president?

Tucker also reminded us of the Democrats’ goal and that they are the same people Trump wants to author the deal.

“The Democrats’ goal is to import more Democratic voters, and by any means necessary. Once they retake the Congress and the presidency, and if Trump betrays his base on immigration–that’ll definitely happen–it is over. Say goodbye to borders, they are done. Keep in mind that the top Democrat in the house recently thanked illegal aliens for sneaking into this country. That’s how Democrats feel and they’re not pretending anymore.”

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