Today’s Afghanistan hearing: this is what planning and success looks like


Senator Josh Hawley grilled Generals Austin and Milley at today’s hearing and got an answer that defied credulity. Not only did the generals claim they planned for every contingency but they were successful.

Hawley was annoyed at one point during today’s hearing. The senator was angry about the comment that the administration did not leave Americans behind. At one point when Austin thanked him for his help getting Americans out, Hawley, not falling for it, snapped, “I didn’t ask you a question…”

Austin admitted in a shaky voice that we left Americans.

Hawley went on to ask about the delayed evacuations. He blamed the State Department but Hawley insisted on knowing his opinion.

Austin said he provided input to get as many as possible as early as possible but it was the State Department’s decision.

Hawley pressed on and asked Milley if he ever warned against the rapid withdrawal. Milley then went on to rationalize. What’s worse is Milley said everything they did was planned and they “planned for a rapid withdrawal.” This is what their planning looks like. And, as we reported earlier, they believe they were “operationally successful”. The war was lost so strategically it was a failure, but that, naturally, wasn’t their fault.

Austin should spend less time cleansing the Armed Forces of Conservatives and more time on strategy.


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