AZ Dem party demands Sen Sinema cave or she’ll get a letter in her file


The Arizona state Democratic Party passed a resolution harshly criticizing Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema for defending the continuation of the filibuster. They are also displeased with her for opposing the Democrats’ socialist $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill.

She is being told that she better do as they demand. They warned her that the state party will “closely watch” her upcoming votes. If she doesn’t comply, it will “go officially on record” and they will “give Senator Sinema a vote of no confidence.”

The resolution passed by a vote of 415-99.

They’re pulling out the big guns here — a letter in her file.

If she caves, we still have Joe Manchin who almost always gives in. He’s a pretend-moderate.



  1. Will she get a demerit or have to go into detention during AM Saturday school?
    There just isn’t enough room in the republic for the replacements and the Long Marching CPUSA comrades.

  2. Obviously, the Arizona state Democratic Party doesn’t understand that Sen. Sinema represents The People of Arizona and not the Democrat Party. Most Democrats have trouble with that concept.

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