Tolerant Rick Wilson calls for “humiliation, incarceration, suicides” of Trump supporters


Daily Beast editor-at-large Rick Wilson called for “humiliation,” “incarceration” and even “ritualistic suicides” of Trump supporters in an unhinged, deranged rant on the leftist website.

Wilson is a key advisor to the Lincoln Project which was temporarily blocked recently on Twitter for abusive doxxing efforts directed at Republican lawyers.


The lunatic Lincoln Project ringleader wrote, “Remember, the Trump GOP is shorn of all ideological and philosophical pretense, and even when Trump leaves office, it’s not over. ‘His cultists’ reign of terror will shape elected GOP members as long as he and his foul spawn walk the earth unpunished. Only exposure, pain, humiliation, and (inshallah) incarceration will lead to a moment of reckoning for the GOP. It should start at the top and work down from there.”

This must be what Democrats think is tolerance and unity. Fake President-Elect Joe Biden is calling for unity. Wilson must have missed the memo.


Wilson also suggests Trump supporters should commit Seppuku, which is Japanese Japanese ritual suicide by disembowelment. It is also known as ” hara-kiri.”

Wilson added a “hearty f— no” to people calling for reconciliation with Trump backers after the election, and he wondered whether Republican media members who supported Trump in spite of his flaws would consider “seppuku,” a Japanese ritual suicide. He also blasted the “motherf—ers” who worked inside the White House but sought to stifle Trump’s agenda.

“Either it was always a lie from the beginning, or you sucked at your jobs,” Wilson wrote.

Isn’t he lovely?
Hara-kirl is more applicable to Democrats who were screaming, crying, getting therapy dogs in 2016 when President Trump won.

It’s Democrats who would be more likely to commit hara-kiri.

Wilson compared Republicans in Trump’s corner to prostitutes as he nears the end of his term.

“America is watching them experiencing a combination of fury and humiliation as Trump heads to the door before even dropping the cash on the nightstand,” Wilson wrote.

Ironically, The Lincoln Project is airing a commercial today celebrating the end of the politics of division and personal attacks.

The Beast is a hate-filled crazy publication which is behind a paywall. People actually pay to read this tripe.

Wilson’s hate is inexplicably extreme. He’s destroying himself with it, but it is lucrative.

This their ridiculous ad – try to get your head around this:

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