Data expert who testified in AZ for Trump team is banned by Twitter


After his poignant testimony at the Arizona hearing this week, Twitter permanently banned Bobby Piton, a data expert.

At the hearing, he said he found that hundreds of thousands of “fake people” voted in Arizona in the presidential election.

In a statement to The Blaze, a Twitter spokesperson said Piton “was permanently suspended for violating Twitter Rules on Platform Manipulation and Spam.”

They didn’t say what tweet or tweets offended them.

Rasputin, aka Jack Dorsey the Twitter CEO, said political differences never enter into any decisions they make about banning users. Maybe this is another mistake. When they get caught, they blame it on error.

During the hearing, Piton said he conducted an analysis using Arizona’s official government data. He believes the “biggest fraud in the history of our constitutional republic is taking place right before our eyes.”

Piton said he identified “between 120,000 and 306,000 fake people” who voted this election in Arizona.

The data analyst said he analyzed the number of registered voters in Arizona, arguing that if “the core data set is flawed, everything else that happens afterward is irrelevant.

Immediately after the hearing, Arizona elections officials certified the results, declaring Democratic President-elect Joe Biden the winner.

“I would have never ever have certified, I would rather resign than have certified those results,” Piton said at the hearing Monday.

“If I was an executive at a publicly-traded company, I would never sign that because I risk jail time and having all my money taken from me in lawsuits,” he added. “I believe [the numbers] are fraudulent based on the data… I’d be willing to put my life on it, I’m that sure about the analysis.”


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey just testified to Congress that he never lets politics play a role, but they also banned state congressman Doug Mastriano who testified at another hearing he organized. Mastriano was reinstated. Twitter said they made an error.

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