Tom Steyer’s Pouring Money Into Florida to Turn it Hard-Left

1 is reporting that billionaire leftist Tom Steyer has directed his political operation to spend more than $5 million aiding Andrew Gillum’s campaign for governor of Florida. It is an enormous investment meant to turn the state permanently blue — hard-left blue.

The campaign between Mr. Gillum, who is the progressive/socialist mayor of Tallahassee, and Representative Ron DeSantis, a conservative lawmaker who has aligned himself closely with the White House, has become one of the clearest contests of strength nationwide between the Democratic Party’s rising leftist wing and the Republican Party as President Trump has reshaped it.


Andrew Gillum’s city is under FBI investigation for corruption. Allegedly, he does a lot of vacationing with lobbyists.

His own Chief of Staff has criticized the crime rate in the city he has ruled since 2014.

Mayor Gillum has supported organizations promoting the anti-Israel BDS — boycott — movement.

The mayor couldn’t be much further left and is supported by the Democratic Socialists of America. He wants to abolish ICE, socialize health care, and is no friend to capitalism.

Billionaires — leftist billionaires — are running the country and the media, and the media appears to be running the Democratic Party.


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