Tone Deaf Hillary Sells Hats Reminding Everyone of Her Deleted 33,000 Subpoenaed Emails


Tone Deaf Hillary Sells Hats

Reminding Everyone of Her Deleted 33,000 Subpoenaed Emails

by James S. Soviero

Sometimes in life, people need to be thankful for their arrogant, clumsy, clueless enemies.  Today’s case in point is Hillary Clinton.  

Hillary Has Chutzpah

Hill, in an effort to raise some money and troll Donald Trump, thought it would be a good idea to sell some stuff.  After all, she’s watched her former, victorious rival make lots of money hawking clever merchandise.

So the former first lady figured she could start by following the former president’s lead and marketing hats with a “catchy” phrase.  Therein lies the problem.

Trump’s message, focusing on “Making America Great,” was printed in big white letters on a bright red hat.  Clinton decided to troll Donald by selling a black hat sporting tiny pink letters saying “But Her Emails.”  

At $32 a pop, she’s essentially attempting to monetize her very own scandal.   For those who’ve forgotten or may have never known, Hillary has witlessly encouraged a look back to her brush with the FBI.

In that regard, the Sentinel is more than happy to help.

Clinton’s slogan refers to the FBI’s investigation of her use of a private email server when she was Secretary of State.  An important “sidebar” to that story included sexual deviant Anthony Weiner having thousands of Hillary Clinton’s private emails.  Agents called the discovery an “oh sh-t” moment.”  

If that wasn’t enough, Hill simply deleted some 33,000 emails that were under subpoena.  It was Hill at her smug, elitist worst, dismissing all those documents as being related to “her daughter’s wedding” or yoga.  

So thanks to Hillary Clinton for refocusing attention on what was, even given her history of shameless moments, one of the most shameless of those moments.  Way to go!

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