National Guardsman Details Cartel Crisis – “Never Know What’s Going to Cross”


In a sit-down interview, a whistleblower National Guardsmen gives his first-hand account of the horrors he has seen resulting from Biden’s open border policies. From the cartels leaving mutilated bodies in the U.S. to horrific sexual assault stories. Listen to the reality of what our service members are experiencing under this administration.

The National Guardsman spoke anonymously about the horrors at the border. The coyotes often shoot at them, taunt them, and recently pretended they were beheading someone. They’ve shot up their humvees. Many of the rounds come very close.

He gave an example of how they send messages to terrorize the officers. There is a little, very brightly colored house in Roma where “they dragged these bodies 100, 200 meters, then cut ’em loose. They’re already dead, so they’re not going anywhere. It was pretty much to show us like, ‘hey, this is what we’re doing.'”

This is happening every month. It’s just a normal scene.

The Guardsman said some of the guys had seen them murder people.

Roma, Texas, is extremely dangerous. Guardsmen can’t shoot back unless they come on our side. The administration does nothing to gain control of the border. They are sitting ducks.

Some of the things the media doesn’t talk about are they are constantly being shot at. Since this is a state mission, most won’t have access to the VA or any mental help.

The man in the photo below was dipped in acid. The guys who see this will need help. There is no mental help for them.

The cartel left the body as a scare tactic. It puts people on edge.

Seeing the children is the worst. One 11-year-old girl had a box of fifteen condoms her mother gave her, and she only had three left. The coyotes did what they wanted with her. He found one little girl in a heavy coat that a coyote left lying on the river bank. He rescued one terrified three-year-old, who was left by her parents with her 7-month-old brother.

During Trump’s administration, it wasn’t as common as now. You never know what is going to cross. America is at its weakest, he said. It’s only a matter of time before something terrible happens. That didn’t happen under Donald Trump.

Even when officers do something right – like rescuing people – they are put on a tighter leash. They can’t save people and must leave them to drown for fear of getting in trouble. They got this message after one officer drowned trying to save people. Drownings are now up.

There was a lot more border control under Trump. Now, everybody is allowed to come, and the cartels are taking advantage of it. Border Patrol no longer has power. They could send them back over the border. Now they can’t.

Mexico is sending the people they don’t want. Everyone flows through.


If you haven’t been to Fox News reporter Bill Melugin’s Twitter page, you might want to look.


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1 year ago

I hope when Preident Trump returns to the White House, he declares Cartles to be Terrorist and tells Mexico that they are with us or against us. Mexico is going to take back every illegal alien and we are taking out every Cartel.