Top Censorship Employee Cries Over Elon Musk Buying Twitter


Twitter’s top censorship employee, Vijaya Gadde cried when she heard Elon Musk bought the platform. Gadde had no problem waving her wand and vanquishing innocent people from Twitter. She had an important role in censoring the Hunter laptop story. She was key to getting Donald Trump removed from Twitter.

Gadde should resign. Watch her during the interview with Dorsey and Rogan at the end to see what she’s like.

These snowflakes are out of touch. They are too far removed from reality to be in control of free speech on an influential social media vehicle.

Full clip:
The censorship of the Hunter laptop clearly affected Elon Musk.

How could anyone think they were doing this legitimately?

This person says they had a hacking policy they had to follow. In fact, no one hacked it. Hunter Biden left it beyond the allowable time period and the computer became the property of the computer repairman, period. The New York Post certainly didn’t hack it. Censoring it when it had critical information about a presidential candidate was journalistic malfeasance. Obviously, it was meant to help Biden. It changed the course of the election. How stupid do they think we are?

You can see what kind of person Gadde is in this interview:

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