Top Chef to Bring Fine-Dining to Space for Fat Cats


All I have to say is there better not be any rich fat cats who are “Climate Activists,” “Feed the Poor,” or “Let Them Eat Bugs” onboard.

However, we do know one former passenger on Virgin Galactic, Tom Hanks, is a climate hysteric. We imagine if we researched, we’d find more. Hypocrisy is a Progressive disease.


A Michelin-starred chef teamed up with the Florida-based startup Space Perspective to provide fine dining to passengers traveling into the upper atmosphere for $495,000 per ticket.

Six guests are set to take off in Spaceship Neptune to the stratosphere in 2025, where they will be immersed in a dining experience served up by Danish Michelin-starred chef Rasmus Munk, 33. He will cook the meals himself.

“We want to tell stories through the food,” Munk says. “We … want to talk and highlight some of the research that’s been done through the last 60 years.”

“I think that will make an even stronger impact when you’re up there and looking down,” added Munk, who will fly with the six ticket buyers.

To those of us who relish hot dogs and hamburgers, it seems like a waste of money, especially since these are people in the billionaire class transforming our country.

The elegant meal is one of the latest offerings by private firms, including Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic, and SpaceX.

The flight doesn’t reach space, but it ascends 19 miles.

Guests dine on a menu of 50 edible “impressions,” and the experience is accompanied by performers and installations, all set in the restaurant’s own architecture — a former theater set building workshop in Copenhagen.

At the restaurant’s center is a large planetarium dome, where guests eat surrounded by projections of Earth seen from space, oceans, forests, even a beating heart.

“I think fine dining, in general, is changing a lot,” Munk says. “And I think you, as a guest, require more an experience in the future.”


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