Top Dem Strategist Gives a Frightening Definition of “Democracy”


Waleed Shahid

Democrat strategist and Justice Democrats communications director, Waleed Shahid, a former top aide to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, told Katy Tur, “things like Medicare and the Green New Deal are catching on.”

Then the hard-left Shahid explained what “Democracy” means.

“Democracy should mean taking power and wealth from those who hoard it and making sure it belongs to everyone,” he said.

He is just being honest about who the Democrats are now. This is why so many Democrats refuse to call the United States a Constitutional Republic and prefer the term, “democracy.”

This is what our Founding Fathers tried to prevent by making the United States a Constitutional Republic.

Get rid of the Electoral College as the Democrats want and Voila, there’s your democracy, followed by tyranny.

Shahid, a top Democratic strategist, is a big Bernie Sanders fan and Bernie is a communist. His organization, Justice Democrats are responsible for getting these new communists/socialists elected to Congress. He’s their strategist, and Bernie’s, and AOC’s. He’s one of the brains behind the movement.

He strategizes for Omar and Rashida.

He is a monster.


AOC lied again today about the Muslim ban and tore into the President. She wonders why the GOP tolerates him, but we wonder why anyone tolerates a socialist/communist in our Congress.

She also applauded the indoctrinated children striking for climate extremism.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was very proud of the children for cutting out of school. Truancy is fine with her if it fits the agenda.


Young brainwashed children from elementary school through high school marched for Green in the United States and throughout the globe today. They played hookey to do it. The communist Greenies planned to use children years ago.

What could these little children know of climate change? Everything these socialists and communists do is contrived, planned, and about the agenda.

This entire climate fraud is to seize control of our economy.

It’s not surprising that the hard-left congress members are the ones who reacted.

Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., addressed the adult-led climate “strike” in Washington, D.C. She outlined a bill she will introduce to end corporate “welfare” for the fossil fuel industry.

Omar told the climate strikers that her forthcoming bill will free up $20 billion in revenues to stop homelessness in the United States.


She is a dangerous Socialist and propagandist who doesn’t like the United States very much.


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