CNN & MSNBC Refuse to Air AG Barr Confirming the Declaration Is Justified


Attorney General William Barr made a few remarks after the President vetoed the bill meant to stop him from executing the National Emergency Declaration. AG Barr explained that the national emergency was legal, and exactly what the National Emergency Act is for.

CNN and MSNBC did not air the Attorney General’s remarks. That’s because it didn’t fit the narrative and they are fake news, after all.

We have a media that is actively working against the welfare of U.S. citizens. They refuse to inform the public of the reality on the border and the legitimacy of this declaration. Some or all in Congress know how serious this crisis is, but they are too cowardly or agenda-driven to do anything about it. Perhaps they are overwhelmed with the prime objective — destroy the Republican President, destroy Donald Trump.

There is no reason to rail against this declaration. It is legal and there is a precedent for it.

There is a hidden agenda for Democrats, some Republicans, and the Chamber of Commerce, but it’s even worse than that. Whatever their motivations, they are actively working against this country and the citizens in it.

The crisis denial is madness.

How can anyone say there is no crisis at the border? Last month, 76,000 poured across — that ‘s what we know about. This month will be worse according to the Border Patrol.

Don’t listen to me, listen to border patrol:

1500 illegals storm the border in one spot in 24 Hours as 12 GOP vote for open borders

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4 years ago

It appears that Barr would seriously fight in court for this.

Sessions fought some pretend battles in court and lost, for example, he could not get the courts to allow withholding of funds to sanctuaries. Sessions did not get courts to agree that violating federal law is a cause to deny federal funds. Such denials have much precedent but Mr. Magoo failed. The reason for failure is he intended to fail.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

The Communist Manifesto which has been growing through our country for decades finally found its triggering mechanism through open borders politicians, especially one Party. Our prevalence as a sovereign nation is at stake.

John Vieira
John Vieira
4 years ago

The mainstream fake media has been disseminating propaganda for years….forget about news; they have not the foggiest idea what the hell that is – muchless for truth. They have worked diligently on earning the title “enemy of the people” whom they have woefully misinformed for well over four decades…