Top vaccine researcher: ‘virus is used in US to murder Black Americans in a genocide’


A lead scientist on the U.S. government team to find a coronavirus vaccine claims the pandemic is racist and black genocide. In other words, a leading team member is a conspiracy theory and a racist. She is the Alex Jones of the vaccine world.

Kizzmekia Corbett is hailed as a fantastic scientist. She is Black, and head of the NIH vaccine department.

Corbett the unhinged can often be seen smiling next to Dr. Fauci in photos on social media. Is this the best Fauci could do? She may be qualified but her irrationality and racism are over the top.

Kizzie’s Twitter profile reads: Virology. Vaccinology. Vagina-ology. Vino-ology. My tweets are my own. My science is the world’s. 

Okay then.

Corbett says the coronavirus is used to murder Black Americans in a genocide. White racism is the only explanation she has for coronavirus hurting Blacks more than Whites.

Here are a few of her bizarre tweets:

The left already loves her. She’s on CNN tonight and Anderson Cooper and medical expert Sanjay Gupta sat in rapt attention, fawning over her:

Watch as Tucker takes this situation apart:

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