Tucker Says This Is Totalitarianism, “It’s Everywhere”


Tucker Carlson sounded off on the left’s “diversity agenda” and how it has evolved into totalitarianism. Tucker said the Democrats’ concern for equal rights has been replaced by a fascist element that is growing.

“It is totalitarian and it is everywhere,” Carlson said.

Privacy, freedom, safety, profit unelected bureaucrats without accountability are all colliding with our individual rights. Obama implemented housing totalitarianism, our 4th Amendment rights have been repeatedly violated, the media is thoroughly corrupt with a communist manipulating much of it.

We don’t have free speech, freedom of religion, we are being strangled by a form of political correctness that doesn’t even make sense.

We were warned seventy years ago of the creeping Totalitarianism.

It’s been going on for decades and Barack Obama put it on speed.

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