Tour a few of our major cities on Saturday night


Riots stirred up by radical communists like Antifa, the ‘idea,’ continue throughout the nations. Since the media won’t tell you about it, we will take you through this quick video tour. But don’t worry, it’s just an idea.

The never-ending Portland rioters hit up an ICE facility last night. they must want the Feds back so they can pretend that’s why they’ve spent months destroying Portland. Portland is now the city with the most residents in flight to other states.

They brought the federal agents out, even the BORTAC group from ICE.

The crowd arrived at the ICE facility carrying dozens of balloons, with the intention of tying them to the gates.


Antifa is out of control in Phoenix, Arizona too.

San Francisco Antifa and BLM:

Seattle is still crazy:

Denver is now a war zone:


San Fran:

My, how Democrats have changed things:



  1. How sad for the inhabitants of those cities who are experiencing 3rd world conditions due to violent thugs. Their rights have been suspended in the name of ………….. rights.

  2. It was funny to watch Portland DHS arrest some “medic”, who started crying like a 2 year old. Someone kept asking and asking to retrieve the phone. Maybe some incriminating evidence?

    The arrest scene filmed by AZ Patriots was also fun to watch. They, too, were crying like babies.

  3. Something quite odd in that 9News interview. Elliot at first says he doesn’t know or had any contact with Dolloff. Towards the end of the video he’s asked a similar question and then says he can’t talk about it. As some have said, which I soon thought at the beginning, is it appeared to be a setup. Elliot, the agitator, with a photographer and armed individual, with no identifiable press markings, create a situation where violence may occur, ready to be filmed. The photographer can be seen in photos stepping into the scene with a long stride, as if quickly getting into position. The agitator is setting the scene and the “anonymous” press, made to resemble BLM supporters, look ready to film, and “clip”, the encounter. I suspect that is what Keltner was attempting to prevent. Keltner is heard telling Dolloff, “put it back” before he even raised his can of mace.

  4. So these are the people who are voting for Biden? If Biden gets elected, they’ll consider it a mandate to destroy every American city.

  5. BLM rioters are unemployed thugs who take their marching orders from Soros, a Nazi sympathizer and threat to the United States. But no, Trump is the threat. Give me a fucking break. These people would worship a fucking horse if Jimmy Kimmel told them to.

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