Superintendent gives priority for in-person classes to blacks, online to whites


Evanston Schools Superintendent sees COVID as more persecution of blacks, but the pandemic of “inequity and racism and classism” had been holding them down for a lot longer. Dr. Horton said Evanston schools would give students from marginalized groups first priority for seats for in-person learning, and all other students would be taught remotely.

He’s going to make up for what he sees as racism by discriminating against whites and possibly Asians.

This is “about equity for Black and brown students, for special education students, for our LGBTQ students,” he said during a public meeting held via Zoom.

After a flurry of threatening letters and other communications, he claimed black and Hispanic students are struggling, and that struggle is what gives them a priority, not race.

“There’s a big fight to be had, and it’s going to be uncomfortable for a while,” he said.

Yes, it’s also unconstitutional despite his slippery language about choosing students based on deprivation, not their race.

Horton is abiding by critical race theory, a racist theory that demonizes whites. The core of the theory is that whites are all inherently racist and are born to privilege.

Everyone has to have the same outcome, even if it means subjugating achievers.

He won’t penalize late homework, and everyone will have to suffer through racism classes, all meant to indoctrinate in critical race theory.

This is the future of public education in the USA if people don’t put a stop to it.

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