Kaepernick: Abolish prisons & police to end white supremacy


Unemployed quarterback and all-around America-hater Colin Kaepernick blathered more demands to promote “racial justice” in America this month. He demands the United States “abolish prisons” and defund the police to “eliminate white supremacy.”

The story is nearly two weeks old but Kaepernick has it pinned to the top of his Twitter feed and just retweeted it twice.

“To be clear, the abolition of these institutions is not the absence of accountability but rather the establishment of transformative and restorative processes that are not rooted in punitive practices,” he writes.

Yes, we wouldn’t want to teach murderers, rapists, and robbers a lesson now, would we?


The QB turned communist revolutionary continues, “By abolishing policing and prisons, not only can we eliminate white supremacist establishments, but we can create space for budgets to be reinvested directly into communities to address mental health needs, homelessness and houselessness, access to education, and job creation as well as community-based methods of accountability. This is a future that centers the needs of the people, a future that will make us safer, healthier, and truly free.”

Would someone define white supremacy for me? It appears to mean that white people are in the majority and have the majority of power because of sheer numbers; therefore, they must be eliminated.

“Over the next month, my hope is that you, the reader, will have confronted the white supremacist underpinnings of policing and prisons and the state-sanctioned oppression, destruction, and execution of Black and Indigenous people and people of color,” he adds.

There were no state-sanctioned ‘lynchings’ of anyone, but that doesn’t stop this fool. He writes, “In the wake of the state-sanctioned lynchings of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, the United States has been forced to grapple with not only the devastation of police terrorism but also the institutions that constitute, enhance, and expand the carceral state. In response, uprisings demanding the defunding of the police have spread across the country with no signs of stopping.”

You can get much more radical than demanding no prisons, no police, and the subjugation of whites.


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