Tourism Emergency in the City of The Anti-Sarah Sanders Red Hen


Since the owner of the Red Hen restaurant kicked press secretary Sarah Sanders out of her restaurant in Lexington, Virginia, while she was eating dinner with her family, the historic city has suffered an image problem. The tourism board had to gather emergency funds to boost its digital marketing to spread positive messages about Lexington.

The marketing campaign plans to portray the city as a friendly, welcoming place. That might be a hard sell since they hate Republicans.

The board plans to send out surveys on the type of people who go to Lexington and what people think of The Red Hen.

The tourism board servicing the area was flooded with complaints and still is getting them after the Sanders incident.

“For a town our size, it was a significant impact,” Patty Williams, the director of marketing, told the Roanoke Times.

Since Lexington is famous for the southern political history of the likes of the great generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, it’s improbable that the majority of their visitors have been leftists. One caveat, Lexington is wonderful, full of history, and a great place to take the kids.

Unfortunately, the town fathers might be looking for a solution by seeking out more intolerant people. Hopefully, their surveys will take them in a different direction.


As James Woods said, an “intolerant left hater ruined opportunities for other small business owners.”

The city is looking for new types of visitors instead of luring the old type back since the baby boomers interested in the history are aging out.

The marketing director Ms. Williams said the tourism office is focusing on attracting younger generations and has switched its marketing to revolve more on outdoor recreation.

“For years we’ve used history as our hook,” Director of Tourism Jean Clark said. “But as visitors change, we have to change with them.”

It seems they might not go back to their roots. It looks like they are seeking a new, probably further left visitor.

How long before Stonewall’s statue is torn down or Lee’s office is ransacked or burned?

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