Tragedy in Afghanistan as they fight for freedom against the Taliban


The Taliban captured much of the Helmand provincial capital in Afghanistan. They control most of Afghanistan, killing soldiers in the most brutal ways and using the people as human shields.

The Taliban are terrorists, period.

They will soon control the entire country, some say to do the bidding of the Pakistani state. The big push comes as the US leaves. The last 1000 US soldiers are set to leave by August 31st.

Afghanistan will become another Islamic state.

We lost 2,372 soldiers in the fight for Afghanistan in a war we should have won were it not for bad politics, politicians, and some political generals in both countries.

We never should have gotten involved if the plan was not to fight the war and then get out.

Majid Akhund, deputy chairman of the Helmand provincial council, confirmed that the Taliban had gained control on Tuesday of nine of the 10 Lashkar Gah districts, according to the Associated Press.

They also took control of the city’s television and radio stations, which have gone offline.

Gen. Sami Sadat, Afghan forces commander for Helmand, urged residents who live in the areas that have been captured by the Taliban to evacuate immediately.

There are reports of the Taliban slaughtering pilots and anyone thought to have helped Americans.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani is blaming the Taliban surge on the U.S. exit.

That’s true but after 20 years, maybe they should have been ready to defend their own country. It is a tragedy for those who are fighting for it.

The women were going to school and the country was moving away from the destructive religious-political system that has kept it impoverished and backward.

The Taliban has already taken control of several border crossing areas with Iran, Pakistan, and Tajikistan, but gaining control of the provincial capital of Lashkar Gah is another major victory.


The U.S. Embassy in Kabul tweeted, “We hear many reports of the TB placing landmines in civilian homes & hiding behind families while attacking the ANDSF. If confirmed, this could constitute a war crime. How can the TB claim to be fighting for Afghans while using them as human shields?”

General M. Hasham Logare tweeted in reply to the US Embassy in Kabul. “Double game of the WEST supporting Afghans establish Peace and more support to Pakistan to spoil the peace. Unless sanctions are not imposed on Pakistan, it will be threat to regional and global peace and stability. By Idealogy a Theocratic Islamic Govt goal will be global.”

He’s not wrong, is he? Why are we back funding Pakistan? They hid Osama bin Laden for a decade and create terror in the region.

An Afghan citizen wrote in despair, “Begging 4 ceasefire! US must have thought of this disastrous scenario b4 vacuum creation, uplifting Taliban aggressive & murderous moral by giving them platform 4 Int Recognition, forcefully releasing their 5K inmates. Afg nation is fed up of US hypocrisy.“

Was this ever our job?

Pakistan is the problem and we should stop funding them as they supply arms to the Taliban.

The UN is unhappy but as worthless as ever. They are the ones who should be fighting this war.

People are taking to the streets in protest and in support of the Afghan soldiers but what they need to do is arm up, women included, and fight.

This is haunting.


In a three-part Twitter statement, that means nothing to the Taliban, the U.S. Embassy Kabul wrote, “Since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was signed in 1948, all people have the legal responsibility to respect the inherent dignity of each person.”

“The Taliban’s disregard for the dignity of each Afghan citizen and for human life more broadly has shocked the world. This is not how legitimate powers or governments behave.”

“The Taliban has repeatedly violated Afghans’ human rights. We call on the Taliban to respect the rights of every Afghan. There must be a political settlement.”

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