This is why The NY Times mysteriously deleted hundreds of articles


The NY Times has deleted a number of articles. People noticed during the pandemic that hundreds of NY Times articles disappeared, even though the Times thinks they are a living historical record. The Times keeps a searchable database of articles going back to the 1850s.

What was in those articles? Every one was a propaganda piece made to look like a serious news story. The Chinese Communists paid for them and they paid handsomely. They bought the Times and many others.


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A Reckoning For Traitors is Coming
A Reckoning For Traitors is Coming
10 months ago

These enlightened evolved utopia building beings do know about the www?
Anything on there is forever.
Too bad so sad birdcage liner fellow traveler CPUSA/CCP RAT POS enemedia slime traitors.

Frank S.
Frank S.
10 months ago

The Times has been guilty of corruption and fawning over mass murdering regimes for close to 100 years now. The family that owns this rag, also has some very pro-Confederate skeletons lurking in their closets.