Trans Activist Threatens to Carpet Bomb Texas and Florida, Kill Transphobes


Body dysmorphia is a real thing, and it is a mental disorder, but very few are afflicted. Many of the people now claiming to be transgender are also mentally ill or opportunists. Some are just transvestites, but the LGBTs won’t distinguish. We are seeing a rash of people who are mentally ill but who decided they were trans.  It gives them power, thanks to Democrats.

Many haven’t gotten the proper mental health treatment, and that is tragic.

The person in the clip below is an activist who is threatening to bomb Texas and Florida and “kill transphobes.” The activist’s Reddit account has since been closed to the public, but hopefully, the police are on top of this.

There are no transgender women or men. There are women and men.

This is not normal; none of this is normal:

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