Major Terror Attack in Russia [Our Borders Are Wide Open]


Gunmen opened fire on two synagogues, two Orthodox churches, and a police post in Russia’s North Caucasus region of Dagestan on Sunday.

At least nine people, including seven police officers and a priest, have been killed in attacks in Dagestan Region, southern Russia. At least 12 officers were injured, including six in an attack on the regional capital’s traffic police station.

Unknown assailants launched a series of attacks on two synagogues and two Orthodox churches, as well as a traffic police station, in the southern Russian region of Dagestan. The incidents occurred in the regional capital, Makhachkala, and the southern city of Derbent.

Allegedly, there were no worshippers in the synagogues. The synagogue in Derbent was set on fire and burnt to the ground. Local guards died, and the priest was murdered.

Derbent is home to an ancient Jewish community.

Gunfire was exchanged in both locations. The attackers are at large.

RT Report of the Priest’s Murdered

Russia has opened a terrorism investigation as the US, with its open borders, is sounding alarms of potential terror attacks.

The Priest Was Brutally Murdered

The assailants reportedly broke into an Orthodox church in the city of Derbent and killed the archpriest, Father Nikolay Kotelnikov, by slitting his throat, Shamil Khadulaev, the head of the regional Public Oversight Committee, which monitors the observance of human rights in prisons, said on his Telegram channel.

A security guard named Mikhail, who worked in the church, was shot by the assailants. The man was only armed with a gas pistol, according to Khadulaev. He added that other clergymen had locked themselves in the church, waiting for help.

The terrorists attacked the church on Pentecost Sunday, immediately after the evening service and shortly before the church was closed.

The priest who was killed was 66 years old and was seriously ill, according to Khadulaev. In the 1980s, Father Nikolay was commissioned from the southern Russian city of Stavropol to Dagestan and served at Derbent’s Church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary. According to local media reports, He spent 40 years serving there and had a wife, three children, and grandchildren.

Fox reports that Israel confirmed the attack.

Our borders are open, and 1500 potential ISIS-K Tajiks are in the country illegally. Who knows how many might have sneaked in?

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