Trans Ranked 172 as a Boy, Now 4th as a Girl


A trans girl in Maine, who is a biological boy, is competing with girls in track. As a boy, he ranked 172. As a girl, he is running 4th. There is some outrage.

Parents and students were outraged over a transgender runner competing with the girls in the Maine XC Festival of Champions on Saturday.

Soren Stark-Chessa, trans-scam?

Maine Coast Waldorf School high school sophomore Soren Stark-Chessa previously competed in the boys’ category for the school one year prior. In the 5k division, Stark-Chessa ranked approximately 172nd among males in the state. After transitioning, however, the runner shot up to 4th place in the girls’ division – Fox News reports.

Men are stronger physically, and women cannot compete. The only reason he didn’t come in first is because they have the biggest, strongest girls in the state.

Some call him a cheat and see this as a scam. What do you think?

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