Transgender Laurel Hubbard couldn’t make one snatch lift in Tokyo


Laurel Hubbard, the 43-year-old who transitioned from male to transgender female in 2012, was competing in the 87kg+ category but failed to record a single valid Snatch lift in Tokyo.

She took the spot from an actual woman who might have fared better.

The Daily Mail Report

She overbalanced on her opening weight of 120kg on Monday night, taking the bar behind her shoulders.

Hubbard’s second effort of 125kg was ruled invalid on a majority decision by the referees. The third attempt was almost a repeat of the first, ruling Hubbard out of medal contention.

She made a parting salute and put her hands together in prayer as she left the stage at Tokyo’s International Forum.

She qualified for the Games after the International Olympic Committee changed its rules to allow women [she’s not a woman, she’s a transgender woman] to compete if their testosterone levels are below a certain threshold.

Hubbard, who is the daughter [transgender] of former Mayor of Auckland Dick Hubbard, transitioned nine years ago after first competing for New Zealand as a 20-year-old man.

She first qualified for female weightlifting competitions in 2017, before securing her spot last year for the delayed 2020 Tokyo games.

The IOC cleared the way for transgender athletes to compete in Olympic women’s events without gender reassignment surgery in 2015, issuing guidelines that required their testosterone levels to be below 10 nanomoles per liter for at least 12 months before their first competition.

In a statement in May, Ms. Edge of Save Women’s Sports Australasia said: ‘Typically, male and female weightlifters achieve their peak in their mid-twenties, then performance declines with increasing age. But because of an obvious and significant biological advantage, 43-year-old Hubbard has outperformed every New Zealand female weightlifter operating at their peak in the same class, thereby costing them the opportunity to represent their country at the highest level.’

Hubbard also made history as the oldest woman [she’s not a woman, she’s a biological male] to ever compete in the weightlifting event. The favorite, China’s Li, is just 21-years-old.


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