Transgenders Banned from Competing on Female Sports Teams in Louisiana


Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards failed to veto a bill on Monday banning transgender athletes from competing on girls and women’s sports teams.

As a member of the party that allegedly loves women, he is opposed to the legislation.

Edwards, who vetoed a similar bill last year, said the law was inevitable because of it’s overwhelming support in the House and Senate.

He allowed it to become law without his signature.

“It was obvious to me after two years it was going to become law whether or not I signed or vetoed the bill,” Edwards said.

Republican Franklinton Sen. Beth Mizell has been working for two years to pass the transgender sports ban, USA Today.

“Women have worked too hard for too long to get to the competitive level we have attained to now face an unfair playing field,” Mizell said. Democrats opposed to the legislation described it as an “attack” on children. During a debate, state Republican Rep. Laurie Schlegel pointed to biological male “transgender” swimmer Will “Lia” Thomas as an example of why legislation protecting women’s sports is popping up across the country, according to Townhall.

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