Treason at the Border: Migrants Get Priority Boarding, Security


We are facing an intentional invasion and a betrayal of the United States of America by our own federal government. It is treason.

Tenet Media reporter Taylor Hansen at Phoenix Airport: “And there are migrants everywhere. They’re receiving priority boarding. They’re skipping security lines. They have their own security area, so it’s completely expedited on their behalf.

“I’ve run into over 40 migrants alone already,” the reporter continued.”I’ve only been here for 30 minutes. “You know, we’ve talked to migrants from Africa, from other regions out there. We have Venezuelan migrants, quite a few of them Mexican migrants, so coming from all over.

“A lot of them are flying into North Carolina, Charlotte. You got some going into Philadelphia, New York, and Texas so far.”

“… they’re absolutely everywhere in the airport. You can’t look anywhere throughout this place without seeing them.”

Many illegal aliens had no idea where they were going.

We reported this yesterday.

The illegal aliens admit they are committing immigration fraud.

The hardcore leftist Catholics, with Pope Francis’s blessing, are promoting this treason.

There is complete chaos at Eagle Pass, Texas, and Lukeville, Arizona, overwhelmed by an illegal invasion, and it is by design. The radical left of the Democrat Party is doing everything in its power to make certain this resettlement operation moves quickly, and it will have devastating and deadly consequences for the United States.

This has Barack Obama written all over it.

Watch the discussion in the clip below with Obama’s top people discussing a country within a country and replacing citizens. This was when he was in office.

As Stephen Miller said, “This is an illegal nihilistic rush to transform America into a Marxist cesspool and to ene Western civilization as we know it.”

A country within a country:


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2 months ago

I live outside of a welfare town in Upstate NY. They’ve been seen being brought in by the busload in the middle of the night with all of their baggage. I drove by a local farm, where this time of year it’s usually vacant, and all 5 of the buildings are lit up, 6 cars there and 5 campers. You sure can’t grow crops here at this time of year. I’ve noticed at nearly every store there’s a ton of them…all in expensive clothing and EBT cards. Nice to know where your tax dollars are going!!

Popeye the Project Boy
Popeye the Project Boy
1 month ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I worked as a delivery driver in Buffalo NY during the Obama years when he was seeding the nation with muslims. Witnessed full community center basements of them being processed (filtered) into the area.