Treason Video: Single Chinese Men Flood the Border


Democrats have opened the borders to our enemies. We’ve had a steady flow of Chinese nationals – men – for at least a year. Right now, large groups of illegal crossers – single young and middle-aged men – are crossing into the United States. Maoist men of military age are flooding the border.

Biden’s administration is welcoming an invasion and an attack from within. Anything to get that permanent electoral majority.

Criminals are coming, and they know they will face soft on crime policies and sanctuary.

These people in Lukeville, Arizona need to go home and eat.

On the shores of wealthy Malibu.

On Sunday night Joe and EdD. Jill attended the 44th Kennedy Center honors. Dionne Warwick, Billy Crystal, Queen Latifah, opera singer Renee Flaming, and music star Barry Gibb were honored at the posh gala. At the same time, illegal crossers were boating into their backyards in Malibu.

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