Treasonous Actions on Our Southern Border?


Since Monday, Border Patrol spotted 1500 gotaways, 19 Iranians, 2 Lebanese, 1 Egyptian, and 17 Syrians. They were all single males. Chuck Marino, former NSA, said on Fox News this afternoon that sleeper cells are definitely here in the United States. And, as the war in the Middle East heats up, our threat level increases. The southern border is our Achilles Heel, he said.

Our borders have been open for two-and-a-half years. According to a Fox poll, 57% of Americans want a border wall, and it was 40% just months ago. As Marino said, it’s common sense.

Marino said we need to stop the flow across the border, but agents are not allowed to do their jobs. We also need to find out where all these illegal aliens are.

Watch this clip with Mark Morgan and then Ken Paxton. Our US government is working with cartels against states to let unknown people from 170 countries enter the US.

The government is treasonous, and no one is doing anything.

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