Fox Reporter Accosted by the Pro-Palestine Radicals at UMass


Fox videographer Kassy Dillon filmed the Pro-Palestine protest at UMass. The so-called protesters surrounded her at her car, demanding to know her ethnicity, phone number, and address. One said she’d have her lawyer call her.

Why? She can’t film a public protest? Since when?

“As I was leaving, two guys kept asking me my ethnicity,” she tweeted on Thursday. “When I got into my car, I was approached by a group of protesters demanding to know my address and phone number.”

Dillon shared footage of the aftermath of the alleged confrontation, where the college activists are seen demanding to have her number.

“You can not have my number,” Dillon shot back.

One of the protestors asks her if she can contact the reporter for “legal reasons,’ to which Dillon responds: ‘There are no legal reasons to do it… I gave you my name; you can go look it up.”

Another activist, who also appeared to record the hostile interaction, then joined in demands for the reporter to repeat her name.

“I’ll have my lawyers contact you that way, okay?” the protestor adds. “Have a terrible night.’”

Dillon said she had two security guards with her at the protest, and said she was ‘just filming” and “didn’t even speak to anyone who followed me to the garage.”

This wasn’t a pro-Palestine protest since it was immediately after the massacre.

Sen. Josh Hawley wants these pro-Palestine groups investigated. They should be since they appear to be Nazis.

Students at several universities protested in support of Hamas: the University of Washington, Georgetown University, Harvard, California State University, and many others. The American university system is genuinely corrupt.

These protests are pro-terrorists, and these peoples’ actions are evil. They’re Nazis.

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