Treasury Committee of Radicals to Develop Policies Like Defund the Police


The Treasury Department has launched a new advisory committee to develop policies promoting economic equality and reducing financial disparities in communities of color.

Screenshot of radical leftist, Felicia Wong

The Treasury Advisory Committee on Racial Equity will include 25 members from academia, business and racial advocacy groups and meet four times a year to evaluate the department’s efforts. It will also offer guidance on programs aimed at promoting economic equality.

The vice chair of the committee  Felicia Wong, the president and CEO of the Roosevelt Institute, wants to defund the police. Wong is a former executive at the Democracy Alliance, a network of liberal megadonors founded in part by billionaire George Soros. Since 2012, she has led the Roosevelt Institute, a leftist think tank that wants to abolish for-profit prisons, reimagine capitalism, and put racial justice at the “center” of all government policymaking.

Another committee member whose group has received OSF funding is Lorella Praeli, co-president of the left-wing charity Community Change and its affiliated 501(c)(4) lobbying arm Community Change Action. The charity focuses on myriad policy issues, including immigration reform, while the lobbying arm invests in congressional races and focuses on “voter engagement.”

Felicia Wong and Lorella Praeli, two committee members, lead four nonprofits that got over $15.7 million from OSF’s [Soros’s Open Society Foundations] network between 2016 and 2020, according to OSF’s grant database.

Soros has his hand in everything in the White House.

Last year, the Roosevelt Institute published a report co-authored by Wong, titled, “A New Paradigm for Justice and Democracy,” which argued that “all policy, from vaccine distribution to higher education funding to tax reform, will have racialized effects. Recognizing this reality, and always considering race in policy design, is therefore vital.”

Wong and the authors wrote that a “skills-based, opportunity-focused liberalism” is outdated and ignores systemic racism, and that “our mainstream politics has yet to recognize, prioritize, and make central the reckoning, race equity, and self-determination that a multiracial democracy would require.”

Vice President Kamala Harris kicked it all off.

“America is a nation driven by the ambition and aspiration of her people, and so let us continue to fight to make sure all people have a chance to realize their dreams and determine their own future,” she said at an event Tuesday. “Because when we do, we not only advance economic justice, we strengthen our economy as a whole, creating prosperity and opportunity for all.”

Committee members include Michael Nutter, the former mayor of Philadelphia; Micheal Miebach, the chief executive of Mastercard; Felicia Wong, president of the Roosevelt Institute, a progressive think tank; and Barika Williams, executive director of the Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development.

The members are progressives.

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