Trevor Noah’s joking about the Marikana massacre exposes what he is


Trevor Noah joked about the Marikana massacre in 2012 and has kept this video clip hidden for years. He is a phony, a phony Woke celebrity getting rich off his deceit.

Glenn Greenwald tweeted: Trevor Noah speaking on the 2012 Marikana massacre — where South African police shot and killed 34 striking miners — is really quite something given the new persona about policing and crime he presents these days:

Do watch this brief clip. His comments are all based on lies. The police are overwhelmingly good people. There is no evidence the system is racist — none! They go into any neighborhood and risk their lives for everyone. The system is set up that way and is incredibly non-racist. That is not to deny there are individuals who are racist, not just against black people, but whites, or Asians, or Jews, and so on.

If the system is so terrible, why did he come her and become rich off it? What does that make him?

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