Trey Gowdy tells Barr’s investigator John Durham where to look


Former Rep. Trey Gowdy appeared on ‘Hannity’ Monday night following the announcement that Attorney General Bill Barr picked Connecticut US Attorney John Durham to investigate the launch of the Trump-Russia probe.

Attorney General Bill Barr picked Durham for a reason. He is known to be a bulldog who has investigated law enforcement and the CiA. Durham is already working alongside the DOJ Inspector General and is investigating James Baker’s leaks to the media to determine if they were authorized.

Durham will examine the origins of Spygate according to multiple news reports. This comes one month after Attorney General Bill Barr announced at a congressional hearing that he would review the spying of the Trump campaign.

The Democrats have been more unhinged than usual ever since.

During the discussion on ‘Hannity’, Trey Gowdy suggested Prosecutor John Durham look for emails between Brennan and Comey in December 2016. [Is that the exculpatory information?]

It has long been reported that [commie] Brennan launched the garbage dossier through manipulation of the intel briefing to the President and in collaboration with the sympathetic press, namely CNN and others.

He also said exculpatory information has been withheld and there was no effort to verify the dossier. Hannity asked Gowdy if he thought the FBI lied to the FISC and tried to take the President down?

Gowdy responded that he was just going by what the lead agent Peter Strzok said. He thought Trump would be destabilizing, he had an insurance policy, and he promised his lover he’d stop it.

Even Bob Woodward said the garbage dossier has to be investigated.

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