Truckers Continue Trucking as Polls Show Trudeau’s Job Is on the Line


The truckers are now in Surrey near the Washington State border. They are still truckin’! The more tyrannical the Trudeau government gets, the more resolute the truckers become as they fight for their freedom from mandates.

Unfortunately, the truckers might be more popular in the US than in Canada. Polling is mixed in Canada although most Canadians see Trudeau as too weak based on his response to the protest. They wanted him to be tougher on the truckers.

An Ipsos poll found that 46% of Canadians, while not agreeing with the truckers on everything, are sympathetic. They say the protesters’ frustration is “legitimate and worthy” of frustration, according to Global News. Another poll was less flattering to truckers, although it was worse for Trudeau with only 16% supporting him. [see below]

The truckers have a problem with the premiers as much or more than with Trudeau but they would likely go along with Trudeau if he softened his stance.

A poll in January found that 71% of Canadians want truckers crossing the border vaccinated. We can disagree but that’s how they feel. Obviously, the Biden administration agrees.

Ipsos Poll

This sympathy has risen to 61 percent particularly among Canadians aged 18 to 34, according to the poll.

On the other hand, 54 percent of Canadians who participated in this poll believe that people taking part in the protests do not “deserve any of our sympathy” and that what they “have said and done is wrong.”

Bricker said the results of the poll show that Canadians don’t necessarily agree with the blocking of Parliament Hill in Ottawa or the Nazi imagery popping up in some protests, but most are frustrated with the COVID-19 mandates.

The truckers started rolling in and expressing their frustration, people joined in by expressing their concern about the future of the economy and the cost of living, he explained.

“That’s where the (general population and the truckers) align,” said Bricker.

The media reports of hateful comments by truckers and one being tied to a hate group hurt their support, the poll found. However, are any of those reports true?

That’s doubtful.

Another poll, a Maru poll, was even more critical of the truckers, but they think far less of Trudeau. The truckers made the mandates a top hot potato issue for Trudeau.

Maru Poll

A poll of 1,500 Canadian adults conducted by Maru Public Opinion between February 9 and 19 shows that 29 percent of Canadians believe Trudeau “acted like a prime minister should in the face of the protest.”  They wanted him to act more vigorously against the truckers.

About 46 percent of Canadians said that the truckers were to blame for the escalation of the protests, while 31 percent said – Trudeau.

Only 16 percent said that based on how Trudeau handled the trucker protest, they would “want to vote for him because of how he has dealt with the situation.”

The Maru poll found that 64 percent of Canadians think that the country’s democracy is “being threatened by a group of protesters and they must be stopped immediately.”

It’s also true that a majority of Canadians are not following the protest closely. It’s also true that the Canadian media is dishonest.

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