Biden Loses In Court, A Case Aimed at Destroying Fossil Fuels


U.S. District Judge James Cain on Friday blocked Biden’s January 2021 order requiring consideration of the “social cost’ of carbon emissions when writing new pollution regulation rules, Fox Business reported.

It’s another regulation intended to destroy fossil fuels and raise the cost of energy use by the peasants. The idea is to make it too expensive and make the expensive alternative energy look more inviting.

Cain agreed with GOP attorneys general from energy-producing states who argued that Biden’s action to raise cost estimates of carbon emissions would likely escalate energy costs while also decreasing state revenues earned from energy production.

“Plaintiff States have sufficiently identified the kinds of harms to support injunctive relief,” Cain’s ruling stated. “Moreover, the Court finds that the Plaintiff States have made a clear showing of an injury-in-fact and that such injury ‘cannot be undone through monetary remedies.'”

“The Court agrees that the public interest and balance of equities weigh heavily in favor of granting a preliminary injunction,” the ruling added.

The injunction now blocks the Biden administration from using the higher cost estimate. Absurdly, it would have put a dollar value on nebulous damages allegedly caused by every additional ton of greenhouse gases that are emitted into the atmosphere. The government could endlessly continue to charge anything they want by making up a new dollar amount.

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