Truckers Warned of Imminent Arrests If They Don’t Leave


Ottawa Police have given notices to the truckers camped out in the city to leave immediately or face arrest. Some have had their accounts seized. They likely all will.


“You must immediately cease further unlawful activity or you will face charges,” the notice says.

Ottawa Police Service is reportedly handing out notices on the grounds of the Freedom Convoy in the city’s downtown core.

“The people of Ottawa are being denied the lawful use, enjoyment, and operation of their property and you are causing businesses to close. That is mischief under the Criminal Code.” [That might not be true but we can’t confirm.]

They are ticketing truckers at the same time.


If arrested, they will be separated from their children.

Personally, I want them to leave now. I don’t want them to lose their money, their trucks, or be arrested. What do you think?

The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa (CASO) is urging demonstrators to “make necessary alternate care arrangements.”

In a statement released Wednesday, the Society said that parents attending the demonstration at the city’s downtown core should make “the necessary alternate care arrangements should they become unable to care for their children following potential police action,” The Post Millennial reports.

“CASO has a mandate to protect a child when their parent becomes unavailable to exercise their custodial rights over the child and the parent has not made adequate provision for the child’s care and custody,” the statement continues.

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