Discipline Breaking Down in the Air Force, No More Clean-Cut or Classy


The Pentagon’s new “Diversity Rules” allow scalp tattoos and beards. Can cross-dressing be far away? We are a nation in decline and it’s no more obvious than in the Marxist military changes. When you change the dress, you change the attitude and this seems like a bad one.

The clean-cut, cultured, classy, best of the best Air Force is going for a makeover to look the opposite.

The Air Force said Tuesday it will allow airmen to wear approved morale patches on certain days, put hands in their pockets, and tattoo their scalps. We can imagine the CRT and other MORALE messages that will be allowed.

These changes, and several others, will begin in early October when the service plans to release an update to Instruction 36-2903, Dress and Appearance of Air Force Personnel.

The Air Force said in a press release that it made the changes — more than 30 recommendations in all — based on feedback from airmen as part of the 2020 Uniform Board, as well as testing and reviews.

Female airmen will have the option of not wearing hosiery with their dress uniforms, in any combination.

And the upcoming relaxation to dress rules will remove language prohibiting airmen in uniform from putting their hands in their pockets while walking or standing, or using a cell phone or drinking water while walking.

And the updated AFI will allow airmen with piercings to wear transparent spacers, so their piercings don’t close up.

The Air Force said it plans to drop that language to give commanders and airmen the flexibility to adopt whatever rules work best for their units.

This is Marxist diversity and inclusion and it’s also ridiculous. They once could be proud, and now they can look like tramps if they want.

Bring back the ’70s:

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