Trudeau Made a Deal with Pfizer That Might Keep Those Mandates to 2024


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a deal with Pfizer to buy 35 million booster doses in 2022 and another 30 million booster doses in 2023 with an option to extend delivery until 2024 up to 120 million doses. He’s boxed himself in and can’t easily cancel mandates unless the deal allows cancellations. It looks like he has an incentive to keep the mandates going.

There are only 38 million people in Canada.

Police are allegedly moving the protesters at Coutts and Ambassador’s Bridge back from the crossing. The Ottawa blockade remains.

At Coutts, commercial traffic is being diverted.

Ambassador Bridge

Canadian towing companies won’t tow the trucks away so Michigan towing companies lined up to tow them away.
Veterans formed a line between the police and the truckers in Windsor earlier today.

This woman is sending a wake-up call to the Ontario police.


In Toronto, the police are checking on anyone who tries to get into the downtown area.


The war memorial was blockaded as politicians lied and pretended it was vandalized by truckers. Someone rested a freedom sign on it.

A veteran chased CBC reporters away from the war memorial. CBC is vile, lying, and attacking fellow Canadians.

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2 years ago

I’d sure like to see the evidence. A person on video has said Ford started with a net worth of 3 million before the pandemic and is now worth 50 million. We’ve heard in past times how “the system” Takes from the poor and gives to the rich. That didn’t seem possible back then but these days it is incontrovertible.

2 years ago

Looks like time to start looking for Justin Trudeau’s Swiss Bank Account!

Merlin and Arthur In the Land of Dreams
Merlin and Arthur In the Land of Dreams
2 years ago

Pharmakeia runs this world, with our without the dumbing down.