Trump Accountant Becomes Emotional at Ridiculous NYC Fraud Trial


Donald Trump’s longtime company controller, Jeffrey McConney, became emotional on the witness stand during testimony at the Manhattan Trump fraud trial, sometimes dabbing his eyes.

McConney worked in the accounting department at the Trump Organization for years under ex-finance chief Allen Weisselberg, who was convicted of not paying taxes on benefits he received as comptroller.

Hunter Biden didn’t pay taxes on millions of dollars and nothing happened to him yet.

When Trump lawyer Jesus Suarez asked why he left the Trump Organization, tears came to his eyes.

“I got to do a lot of things that a normal accountant wouldn’t be able to do,” a nostalgic McConney said in Manhattan Supreme Court after a long pause.

The loyal controller, who retired in February, threw in the towel when he became overwhelmed by a labyrinth of state and federal investigations.

“I’m very proud of the work I did for 35 years,” McConney said through tears, his voice high-pitched at times, adding he “just couldn’t deal with” the legal scrutiny anymore.

“I just wanted to relax and stop being accused of misrepresenting assets.”

Jeffrey McConney, screenshot from news video

The idea behind the manufactured crime is that a non-criminal can end up bankrupting the non-criminal who committed the non-crime. Attorney General James wants to confiscate much of his wealth and ban the family from doing business in New York. There were no victims, everyone made money, and everyone was happy. Even if Trump exaggerated his worth, all lenders perform their own assessments. It’s a non-issue.

Guilty Before Presenting a Defense

Judge Engoron, a far-left judge of dubious reputation, already found Donald Trump liable before he heard anything from the defense.

The media is insulting the accountant and using the articles about him to demonize Mr. Trump and convict him in the media. For example, The New York Daily News told the story only from the most left-wing view possible. Mr. McConney didn’t just have tears in his eyes – “he fell to pieces” and his tears were “waterworks.” He didn’t just work for the Organization, “He’s described in the suit as playing a pivotal role by putting together the fraudulent figures in the statements at the heart of the case.”

Everything was a conviction of Mr. Trump and his employees.

Medias Touch claimed he “cried hysterically.”

The radical Left has no feelings for their fellow man.

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3 months ago

Fight these leftist scum. Stop being nice to them. Cuss them out for being the evil scum they are. Call them liars, which they are. Tell them you will not participate in their vile political witch hunt. Do not fall for their gotcha line of questioning. Answer the way you think you should answer, with the truth. Fact is Trump did nothing wrong or illegal. Tell them as rudely as possible what you think of the leftist scum.

Last edited 3 months ago by Craigusmaximus
3 months ago

OH MY GOD! I didn’t realize he was a hetero white man!! He’s lubed/screwed/tattooed in NYC. WHY is he living there, or even RESPONDINBG to that court, I’d tell them to “sit on it, rotate, get peritonitis, and die”.
They’s have to send bounty hunters, but I’d have MOSASAD trained security after this.

3 months ago

I find most every article written by “M. Dowling” to be true and accurate. Thanks.