Massive Win for the Right in The Netherlands!


The anti-globalist PVV party just won a landslide victory in the Netherlands. It puts Geert Wilders on track to become the next Prime Minister. It’s an amazing upset.

He wants the borders closed, de-Islamization, and sovereignty returned to The Netherlands, and he supports the rights of farmers.

His party is now the largest party in the Dutch Parliament. They won the most seats.

This is a huge win for Dutch farmers, which the current globalist administration is trying to vanquish in the name of nitrogen conservation.

The Dutch globalists tried to steal the farmers’ land, and this is the result. A very liberal nation chose the right-wing administration to lead them.

They have way too many parties so 35 seats out of 150 is a big win. It’s a rejection of the New World Order politics.

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3 months ago

Pray for this man and good leadership.