Trump Allegedly Leaked Top Secret Intel About Subs Near N. Korea Only It Was Public Info


MSM is telegraphing the world that Donald Trump boasted to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte about the top secret deployment of two nuclear submarines near North Korea.  A transcript of the conversation of April 29 was published by The Intercept.

Even the far-far-left Intercept is getting leaks now.

The only problem is it’s uncalled for hysteria. Trump revealed what was generally public knowledge or soon to be. The U.S. Navy revealed the presence of the USS Cheyenne on May 2 and the USS Michigan on April 25. While the public notice of the Cheyenne was after the intercepted conversation, it’s likely everyone knew, only a few days separated the Trump-Duterte conversation from the Navy release.

In addition, the Cheyenne had visited South Korea in March as part of its deployment. It’s always in and out of Korea when not in home port.

Buzzfeed News reported that Pentagon officials are alarmed by Trump’s disclosure. Daily Mail said Trump leaked top secret information.

The once venerable, now corrupt, news organization Reuters tweeted about it.

Reuters knows the truth. They posted this photo of the USS Michigan arriving April 25. Al Jazeera re-posted it.

It’s a non-story and the media knows it.

The serious leak was of the President’s private conversation with Duterte. The leaks are endangering our democracy and our national security. The President needs to be able to have confidential conversations with foreign leaders.

Our intelligence agencies are disgusting, corrupt, and anti-American. that is what should bother people.

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