Trump appears to be going full ‘America First’ in manufacturing


The pandemic has made it clear that we have to do something about our supply chain for medical supplies and drugs. We’ve allowed it all to go overseas, even to China.

In a town hall meeting aired on Fox News on May 3, President Trump took questions from the public on the topic of ‘America Together Returning to Work’.

One person asked President Trump what advice he would give future presidents to prevent a similar crisis from occurring in the future.

The President said without hesitation: “We have to bring our product back home, we have to make our product in this country. We can’t be hostage, because that’s what we are. We can’t be hostage to other countries, China in particular, but also to other countries. We can’t ever let that happen again.”

White House Manufacturing Policy Advisor, Peter Navarro, was on Fox News with Ed Henry and Sandra Smith to discuss plans for securing our medical supplies and medications.

There are reports that the White House is ready to come out with new policies and regulations focusing on ‘America First.’

USTR Lighthizer, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross are leading the effort.

Navarro also stated that FEMA, HHS, and DoD will soon have rules requiring USA manufactured purchases for their government contracts.

Did you know we even outsourced our electric grid?


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