Trump can’t have lawyers? Fascists hope to cancel Trump’s new lawyers


According to a statement from Trump’s office, Alabama lawyer David Schoen and Pennsylvania attorney Bruce L. Castor Jr. will lead President Trump’s impeachment defense in the Senate trial. The two lawyers, according to Trump, will bring “national profiles and significant trial experience in high-profile cases to the effort.”

“The strength of our Constitution is about to be tested like never before in our history,” Castor was quoted as saying in Trump’s statement. “It is strong and resilient. A document written for the ages, and it will triumph over partisanship yet again, and always.”

Schoen is a Jewish Democrat Civil Rights lawyer.

One racist Democrat called them shysters:

Also joining the team will be a former Trump campaign aide, Ted Goodman, who will be assisting with communications and Capitol Hill outreach, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Schoen and Castor are being demonized in the Twitter sewer based on who they represented in the past. Literally, Democrats don’t want some people to have lawyers.

Rumor has it that the resistance is trying to cancel the two attorneys:

Wealthy Democrat fascist alumni want Boston College Law School, Columbia University Law School, and Washington & Lee University to withdraw Schoen and Castor’s law degrees.

The Clerk of the Supreme Court of the U. S. has also received demands that Schoen and Castor be removed from the Supreme Court bar.

The Scottish Rite is also under pressure to expel Castor, a 33rd Degree Mason, from their ranks. Even his church, Abington Presbyterian Church, is being asked to ex-communicate the lawyer.

The Alabama Civil Liberties Union is under pressure to remove Schoen from their board as is the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

Apparently, we aren’t allowed to have lawyers or a defense any longer. Democrats already took due process away.

Allegedly, President Trump wants to make election fraud a focus. We hope he doesn’t, and let’s this pass by without incident.



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2 years ago

If you think the left are fascists then you need to do some research… it was the democracies and communist parties which outlawed evidence and such in case..

The Germans were banned from utilizing evidence in the defense during the Nuremberg trails kangaroo courts.

The national socialists and fascists actually quite regularly provided the defense the ability to bring evidence into cases and utilise lawyers.

“A man fighting for his life without a lawfully appointed attorney is a man on the losing side and should be made illegal”
Adolf Hitler (NATIONAL SOCIALIST LEADER )March 28 1938

“It is illegal to deprive any person the right to utilise any attorney or lawyer in any case”
Benito Mussolini (FASCIST LEADER) April 12 1942

You guys are so amazingly ignorant of facts that you believe that communism is fascism..

And you pathetically believe fascism is national socialism

Democracy is the same as communism thats why democracies fund communist uprisings since 1917

2 years ago

What you have here is further glaring evidence of the pressure to stop any and all investigation or inquiry to the massive fraud that resulted in the installation of the ChiCom Governor Biden as master of the federal government. The same pressure was and continues to be applied to any attorney,any judge,and plaintiff who attempts to present the massive evidence this election was entirely fraudulent and manipulated by the ChiComs and their agents in the USA and throughouit the world.

Levine's All-Star Rumpswab Team
Levine's All-Star Rumpswab Team
2 years ago

Is the ((( ))) used ironically? That is dog whistle for a certain tribe, you know those ones that are good with money. (sarc)

2 years ago

Well find who you cannot critique and thats who rules over you….. jews are the only ones who can’t be criticism, they can destroy police stations and hospitals without recourse..

Hell it was jews who created communism the world deadliest ideology which went on to be the only ideology which exterminated people based upon beliefes, religon or sexual orientation..
these jews the CHEKA genocided over 69 million Christians from 1917 to 1920…but much holocaust.

Jews founded the ss, held many positions of extreme power in the third Reich, camps were open to all public, red cross were stationed at every concentration camp. Jews were paid for the labor (concentration camp currency).

Over 125,000 jews were in or led the SS
over 158,560 jews were in or led the wehrmacht.

Wake up..

Jewish world population almanacs show a steady INCREASE in western europes Jewish population from 1933 when jews attacked Germany on March 24th to 1945.
World Jewish population of 1933 was 14.6 million
World Jewish population of 1934 was 14,674,845
World Jewish population of 1935 was 15.2 million
World Jewish population of 1936 was 15.76 million
World Jewish population of 1937 was 15.79 million
World Jewish population of 1938 was 15.9 million
World Jewish population of 1939 was 16 million
World Jewish population of 1940 was 16.45 million
World Jewish population of 1941 was 16.4 million
World Jewish population of 1942 was 16.8 million
World Jewish population of 1943 was 16.4 million
World Jewish population of 1944 was 16.1 million
World Jewish population of 1945 was 17.5 million


2 years ago

The Rule of Law is dead in the USA.
Born: July 4, 1776
Died: January 20, 2021
Cause Of Death: TREASON

Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
2 years ago

I believe Hillary Clinton is the inspiration for this unconstitutional stunt. Before she was fired from the Watergate investigation for being an unethical liar, she made the statement Richard Nixon should be deprived of legal counsel if he is impeached.