Trump can’t have lawyers? Fascists hope to cancel Trump’s new lawyers


According to a statement from Trump’s office, Alabama lawyer David Schoen and Pennsylvania attorney Bruce L. Castor Jr. will lead President Trump’s impeachment defense in the Senate trial. The two lawyers, according to Trump, will bring “national profiles and significant trial experience in high-profile cases to the effort.”

“The strength of our Constitution is about to be tested like never before in our history,” Castor was quoted as saying in Trump’s statement. “It is strong and resilient. A document written for the ages, and it will triumph over partisanship yet again, and always.”

Schoen is a Jewish Democrat Civil Rights lawyer.

One racist Democrat called them shysters:

Also joining the team will be a former Trump campaign aide, Ted Goodman, who will be assisting with communications and Capitol Hill outreach, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Schoen and Castor are being demonized in the Twitter sewer based on who they represented in the past. Literally, Democrats don’t want some people to have lawyers.

Rumor has it that the resistance is trying to cancel the two attorneys:

Wealthy Democrat fascist alumni want Boston College Law School, Columbia University Law School, and Washington & Lee University to withdraw Schoen and Castor’s law degrees.

The Clerk of the Supreme Court of the U. S. has also received demands that Schoen and Castor be removed from the Supreme Court bar.

The Scottish Rite is also under pressure to expel Castor, a 33rd Degree Mason, from their ranks. Even his church, Abington Presbyterian Church, is being asked to ex-communicate the lawyer.

The Alabama Civil Liberties Union is under pressure to remove Schoen from their board as is the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

Apparently, we aren’t allowed to have lawyers or a defense any longer. Democrats already took due process away.

Allegedly, President Trump wants to make election fraud a focus. We hope he doesn’t, and let’s this pass by without incident.



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