Trump can’t pardon Assange without being impeached


Mitch McConnell allegedly ordered Donald Trump to not pardon Julian Assange or he would instruct the Senate to impeach him. In other words, Mitch is blackmailing the President of the United States.

This is one nasty man, and he is doing exactly what the Left does if this is accurate. He is weaponizing the impeachment process. These politicians are destroying our rule of law.

Tucker Carlson revealed on his show this evening that his sources told him that McConnell informed President Trump that he will be “much more likely” to convict President Trump on the totally vacuous impeachment if he chooses to pardon Wikileaks whistleblower Julian Assange.

After discussing the cases of both Assange and John Kiriakou, who have been arrested – and in one case convicted – for the crime of exposing the truth about the United States government, Carlson revealed that neither man is expected to receive a presidential pardon.

Carlson told the audience that, while President Trump may personally wish to pardon one or both men, he is being blackmailed by nasty Mitch.

“We’re hearing tonight that neither man, particularly Julian Assange, and we don’t know if this is true, is likely to get a pardon,” said Carlson. “Why? Apparently because Republicans in the Senate, and by Republicans in the Senate we mean Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the leader of Republicans in the Senate, has sent word over to the White House: If you pardon Julian Assange, we are much more likely to convict you in an impeachment trial.”



  1. Whether or not President Trump pardons Assange or not the rodent McConnell and his two headed snakes in the senate will still vote to impeach Trump. Not a one of those serpents can be trusted. Impeachment or not his supporters will still care and support him and the movement he started. The Senate and Congress can do what they do best, LIE and subvert the Constitution. The hell with them. their impeachment will be just one more fraudulent farce in an ongoing continuation of their of gross ineptitude and malfeasance, and more cover ups of more lies. Their ignorance is glaringly obvious and profound. The problem IMO is; Who will protect Assange from them when Trump is no longer president? We already know what happens to people who have dirt on them and dare to expose them for the rancid repugnant and vile human waste they are. … God’s speed President Trump, may God protect you your family and True Americans who believe in you, your amazing achievements as president, our Constitution and the Greatness of our Country.

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  3. No deals should be made with the dishonest Mitch.

    Mitch was known to be what he is since 1993, yet the corrupt party let him rise up to leadership and participate in coups against the president from the party. The party is run on top by the corrupt globalist elitist establishment.

  4. Don’t worry! Have you seen Joe’s new cabinet? Almost entirely Israeli dual citizens! As Trump has shown, giving so much power over America to the chosen ones will assure us of many blessings like the ones assured in John Chapter 8!

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